Hair Dryer: How to Dry Your Hair the Right Way


Drying the hair is a fairly common practice, especially among women who like to neat the hair after washing. However, the practice can damage the wires if not performed correctly. Did you know that?

Over time, the use of the dryer (or flat iron) can contribute to the appearance of split ends as a sign of weakening of the wires. Therefore, knowing how to dry your hair properly is critical.

Do you know how to use the soft bonnet hair dryer without damaging the wires? Follow the tips in this post and learn to keep your hair always healthy and alive !

Do not leave the wires without moisture
You should not leave your hair practically dry to use the hair dryer . Ideally, just wipe off the excess water with the towel and begin to dry immediately. Using the dryer with the dry wires, besides damaging the cuticles and favoring the appearance of the dreaded frizz, makes the straightening process difficult.

Another tip is to dry the still damp hair gradually, that is, dividing the locks into four parts. Secure by locks and dry carefully so that you can better eliminate any remaining moisture in the area.


Take hair dryer away from the root
Excess heat is very harmful as it can stimulate the production of oil (sebum). And the result may be that of greasy-looking locks. A really negative point for those who already suffer from oily hair root, don't you think?

The hair dryer should be 10 to 15 cm from its root. Also try to dry your hair at different angles, starting from the root to the ends.

Apply a thermal protector
The thermal protector is an essential product for those who want to know how to dry their hair without overly damaging the hair . Apply the product to hair still damp. It will protect the hair leather from possible shocks and even ensures that the aggression to the wires is much less.

If after drying you want more shine on your hair, simply apply a small amount (the size of a pea) to the length and ends when the hair is already brushed.

Blast cold to close cuticles
Closing the cuticles is an important procedure to prevent hair thinning and the appearance of split ends.

For this, finish drying with cold jets from the hair dryer . Getting cold air all over your head also helps to avoid frizz .

Get regular hydration
Moisturizing your hair is a key measure to make them healthier and stronger without losing their shine.

Hair loses protein with constant use of the hair dryer (and also the flat iron), so hydration is recommended every 7 or 10 days.

In addition to all these recommendations on how to dry your hair , it is essential to know your hair type well and to use quality products during shampooing. Thus the results will be enhanced!